About Us

Dakota Layers is a family-owned and operated egg farm that started business in 1999. We housed our first hens in 2001. We may be a young producer, but our passion for the welfare of our hens as well as the quality of our eggs is second to none. We go to great lengths to ensure our eggs are as fresh as possible. We never store or overstock our eggs, and our inline egg system means that no human touches our eggs until they are in a carton or box. Locally, our eggs go from chicken to shelf within 36 hours, making them one of the freshest in the market!

Approximately 100,000 dozen eggs are produced every day from our 1.35 million hens. The care and comfort of our hens is a top priority. As a member of the United Egg Producers, we house our hens in cages exceeding government size and design requirements.

Dakota Layers provides over 70 jobs in our community. In addition to jobs, we give back to several food pantries and charitable events. Since 2008 when our partnership started with Feeding South Dakota, we have donated over 5,386,452 eggs or 448,871 dozen. “We are so happy to help make a difference in fighting hunger in South Dakota,” said Dakota Layers General Manager Jason Ramsdell. Feeding South Dakota provides hunger relief to nearly 100,000 South Dakotans, nearly 50% of whom are children.






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