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Our facilities are located approximately seven miles north of Flandreau, South Dakota at the intersection of State Highway 13 and County Road 4. The land consists of 155 acres. Dakota Layer’s state-of-the-art facility consists of nine bird houses, two manure barns and a processing plant. An internal manure containment system is located on the site of the hen house. The processing plant takes up approximately 24,750 square feet of processing space. We house approximately 1.3 million hens and sell over 30 million dozen eggs per year.


Houses 1 – 5 are approximately 52′ wide by 520′ long and house around 200,000 birds each. House 6, which has a center divider wall and consists of Flocks 6 & 7, are around 45′ wide by 520′ long and hold approximately 175,000 birds each (98,400 hens at the new California standard size each – Click here to read more about the new CA standards).  House 8 was just finished this year and, once again, is a split house, consisting of Flocks 8 & 9.  These birds are going to be raised at the CA standard that requires 116 square inches per bird. Each house will hold around 135,000 birds.


House 8 and 9 were finished in 2016.  This building is a little different than House 6 and 7, with the main difference being that there are three levels of three housing systems vs. two levels of four housing systems in 6 and 7.  This causes the building to be about 10’ wider and 3’6” taller on the inside.  The reason we went with an extra row of housing systems is for the new requirements of square inches per bird.  With this extra row, we are able to house 135,000 birds per house in House 8 and 9 at 116 square inches vs. 96,000 birds per House in House 6 and 7 at 116 sq in. Since each bird equates to roughly 6 BTU’s, the extra birds will provide more heat during the cold winter months so supplemental heat will not be necessary.

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