Marbled Eggs

Marbled Eggs

When do eggs become egg’ceptional? When they’re marbled, of course! Follow these steps and tips to make marbled eggs.


12 hard-boiled EGGS, in shell
Small plastic container/bowl
Cold water
Nail polish, various pastel colors
Wire egg dipper or wire whisk
Wax paper


1.) FILL a small, plastic container with 1 cup of cold water.

2.) POUR about 10 to 20 drops of each shade of nail polish into water.

3.) SWIRL the colors with a toothpick.

4.) SUBMERGE egg in water and nail polish mixture with an egg dipper or put your egg inside a wire whisk. PUSH egg gently through the water with the egg dipper and REMOVE quickly afterward.

5.) LAY egg on a sheet of wax paper or similar surface to dry.

6.) REPEAT steps 1 through 6 for each egg’tastic color combination.


— Food safety precaution: If you plan to eat your decorated eggs, make sure to use only food-safe decorating materials, such as edible nail polish. Kid Licks is one of several brands of edible nail polish. 







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