Incredible Quadruple-Yolker Egg Cracked in South Dakota

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Incredible Quadruple-Yolker Egg Cracked in South Dakota

It was just a normal, Friday morning for Sandy Steinberg until it came to cooking breakfast. “At first glance I thought I had broken the yolk,” said Sandy. But to her astonishment, she had just cracked a quadruple-yolker egg. What are the chances of cracking a 4-yolker egg? According to the British Egg Information Service, the odds of discovering a quadruple-yolker are one in 11 billion.

Sandy grew up on a farm in South Dakota and spent many hours as a kid washing eggs before taking them to a store in Alpena, SD in exchange for groceries. Now, 70 years and living in Alexandria, SD, Sandy along with some fellow churchgoers accepted a request to bake cookies as part of a gift basket for the elderly. After purchasing a few extra Dakota Layers eggs from County Fair Food Store in Mitchell, SD,  she decided to fry a couple for breakfast. “So overwhelmed that I received that gift; I grew up on a farm, and raised chickens myself for years, so I realize how rare it was.”

In a year with so many surprises, a moment like this showcases that it just takes one egg to crack the odds. Thank you Sandy for sharing this incredible story. Happy Holidays from all of us at Dakota Layers!








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