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Dakota Layers' cage-free eggs come from hens that can freely explore their barn and access high-quality feed and clean water at all times. These hens enjoy practicing their natural behaviors to relax and live a happy life. Their delicious eggs are rich in vitamins A and E.

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More About Cage-Free Eggs

"Cage-free" eggs come from hens who enjoy an open and enriching indoor setting. These hens live inside a barn, but they do not live in the same cages as classic or conventional hens. They are free to roam the ground level of the barn or explore the lofted nesting areas. Our cage-free habitats also feature enrichments such as nests, perches, and scratch areas to promote natural behaviors.

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Why We Love Being Cage-Free

The cage-free life is good for our hens and your family. These hens live an active lifestyle with plenty of food and clean water. They enjoy practicing natural behaviors in a humane environment that keeps them happy and healthy. As a result of their lower stress levels, their products are extra delicious and nutrient-rich. Browse our full selection of egg products to learn more.

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