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Dakota Layers hosts conventional, cage-free, and free-range farms. On each of our farms, happy hens are our top priority. Our United Egg Producers certification means that we go above and beyond to provide a healthy and humane environment for our hens. We can also guarantee that our eggs travel from our hens to your store shelves in 36 hours, making them some of the freshest in the market. Use our store locator tool to find out where you can purchase Dakota Layers eggs today!

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Cage-Free Living

Because a healthy hen makes a wholesome egg

Dakota Layers' cage-free eggs are laid by hens who can roam their open indoor environment and enjoy constant access to high-quality feed and clean water. Our hens freely explore their spacious environment and enjoy plenty of amenities and activities that promote their natural behaviors.

About Cage-Free Eggs
A chicken coop with many chickens in it.

Our Cage-Free Practices

Hens in our cage-free housing system can freely roam the ground level of their barn and explore the lofted nesting and perching areas. They have constant access to clean water and nutritious feed, developed by a poultry nutritionist. Our hens can also enjoy practicing natural behaviors and interacting with enrichments such as nests, perches, and scratch areas.


Nest boxes facilitate egg collection, minimize hen pecking, and keep eggs from litter. A large flap also covers the nesting areas and the dark environment encourages our hens to lay their eggs.


Perches allow hens to rest naturally by enabling them to move into the lofted nesting system or down to the floor area as they please.

Scratch Areas

Our hens have access to the litter area to scratch, forage, and dust bathe.

Free-Range Living

The best of both worlds

Our free-range hens live in barns designed to meet their natural needs and have the freedom to leave their barns to spend time outdoors. They also enjoy constant access to healthy food and clean water along with private nesting spaces.

About Free-Range Eggs
Two brown chickens walking in a grassy field.

Meet Our Free-Range Hens

We feed our free-range hens an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. You will taste the freshness and distinctively rich yolk that sets these eggs apart from ordinary supermarket brands.

White hen named Abby


  • Abby is an azur breed
  • The azur breed traces back to Chile
  • It is a rare hen species
  • Abby lays distinct blue eggs
Brown hen named Betty


  • Betty is a Bovan Brown breed
  • This breed is docile and adaptable
  • She produces superior eggs
  • The breed lays dark brown eggs
See Betty's Eggs
White hen named Dolly


  • Dolly is a Dekalb White breed
  • Dekalb Whites are highly productive
  • Dolly has outstanding behavior
  • She lays premium white eggs
See Dolly's Eggs

Conventional Living

Compassion and quality always come first

Our conventional farm features state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled environments with full access to clean water and feed. As with all our farms, our top priorities on our conventional farm are the care of our hens and the quality of the eggs they produce.

About Our Classic Eggs

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