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Dakota Layers is a family-owned and operated egg farm located in Flandreau, South Dakota. Since starting our business in 1999, we’ve remained dedicated to the ethical treatment of our hens and the quality of our product.

Our Eggs

A Commitment to Quality

Dakota Layers focuses on freshness because we want to give our community the highest-quality eggs around. We maintain our standards of quality by giving our hens the best care because we know that happy hens lay healthy eggs.

To ensure freshness, we never store or overstock our products. Our inline egg system means that no human touches our eggs until they are in a carton or box. Locally, our eggs go from chicken to shelf within 36 hours, making them some of the freshest in the market.

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“We grew up eating Dakota Layers Eggs, Mom wouldn’t eat any other brand. And now I only use Dakota Layers Eggs. The Best always fresh!”

— Sonya Garcia
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Cast Iron Spinach and Artichoke Egg Bake

Culinary Creations

Test out some of Dakota Layers' favorite recipes that use our farm-fresh eggs. From delectable desserts to delicious dinners, you're guaranteed to whip up a crowd-pleaser with these tasty recipes.

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Check out our blog for fun facts and fresh tips for using and preparing Dakota Layers eggs. You'll learn more about our farm, our hens, and, of course, our delightful fresh eggs!

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