Grow Seedlings in Egg Cartons

Happy Earth Day! If you’re looking for a cheap and environmentally-friendly way to start your garden seeds, reusing your egg carton is a great option.

Here’s How:


  • An egg carton (Styrofoam or cardboard can both work)
  • Seed starting mix
  • Water
  • Light source – can be a sunny window or an indoor grow light

Step 1

Get out your empty egg carton.

If using a Styrofoam egg carton:

  1. The lid on the egg carton doubles as a basin for adding your water or liquid fertilizer for seedlings. You will need to use a scissors and cut/detach the lid section from the egg-holding section of the carton.
  2. Next, use a pen, pencil, screwdriver, etc. to poke holes in the bottom of each egg pod. This will later allow water to drain.
  3. Now place the egg carton section inside the lid section.

If using a cardboard egg carton:

  1. Cut out each individual egg pod cell from the carton.
  2. Next, use something sturdy like a screwdriver or knife to poke holes in the bottom of each of the pods.
  3. Then, place the pods on a tray or container to catch water that drains.

Step 2

Add your seed starting mix to the egg cartons.

Step 3

Place seeds in the seed starting mix.

Note: Most seed starting mix will recommend adding water to it. You can pour the mix into a large bowl, add water, and mix by hand. Then place into the egg container.

Step 4

Cover the cells with plastic wrap. While the seeds germinate, it is important to keep them moist.

Step 5

After the seeds have germinated, you can remove the plastic and move them to a light source.

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