Paint Pen Eggs

Take your egg decorating to the next level with the Paint Pen Eggs!


12 Hard-boiled brown and white Dakota Layers eggs, in shell

1 Piece of paper

1 Paper plate (for drying)

Various Paint pens, various colors

Prep your paint pens by following the instructions on their package. For most, you’ll need to shake the pens with the cap on, then tap the pen tip on a piece of paper until the paint begins to flow.

Draw on your eggs! You can draw shapes, words, faces, flowers, geometric patterns and more. Now, get creative.

The paint in paint pens dries within a few minutes. So decorate one side of your egg, then set it down on a paper plate to dry before moving onto the next side. That way, your design and your fingers stay clean.

Should you eventually want to eat your eggs, be sure to use edible paint pens.

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