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Breakfast Burger

Meet the Breakfast Burger - a flavor explosion that transforms your meal into a breakfast bash!

Yields 12 Burgers

Picture a juicy patty topped with a perfectly cooked egg, oozing with golden deliciousness, creating a harmony of textures and tastes that will leave you craving more. So, why settle for a regular burger when you can elevate your dining experience with this egg-citing twist?


  • 12 hamburger buns or English muffins, split (3-4 oz. each)
  • 12 fresh or frozen hamburger patties (3 oz. each)
  • 12 thick-sliced pepper bacon slices, halved (1 oz. each)
  • 12 large Dakota Layers eggs
  • 12 cheddar cheese slices
  • 2-1/4 cups prepared hollandaise sauce, kept warm


  1. Toast or grill buns; keep warm.
  2. Grill or pan-fry hamburger patties and bacon until thoroughly cooked; drain off fat. Keep warm.
  3. Grill or fry eggs over medium heat in a nonstick spray-coated pan until whites are set (completely coagulated and firm) and yolks begin to thicken (no longer runny, but not hard). (Turn eggs over if desired, for additional firmness of yolks). Keep warm.

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Onto cut side of each bun bottom, layer a cheese slice, burger patty, 2 bacon halves, egg and 3 tablespoons hollandaise sauce.
  2. Add bun top and serve immediately.


- Dress it up with lettuce, tomato, pickle and avocado.

- Turn it into a breakfast BBQ burger by adding BBQ sauce, red onion and dill pickle slices.

- Replace the bun or English muffin with two hash brown patties.

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