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Tamagoyaki Sushi

Tamagoyaki literally translates to “grilled egg” in Japanese. It is a sweet (and a little savory) omelet made with rolling layers of thin seasoned egg mixture in a pan.

Yields 3 Servings
Prep + Chill Time 20 mins Cook Time 10 mins Total Time 30 mins

The process of making tamagoyaki involves a special technique of rolling the egg layers to create a delicate yet flavorful omelet. The simplicity of the seasoning allows the natural goodness of the eggs to shine through, making it a delightful treat for breakfast, lunch, or even a light dinner. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with other dishes, tamagoyaki never fails to impress with its delicious blend of sweetness and umami flavors.


  • 2 Large Dakota Layers eggs
  • 1 Tbsp mirin
  • 1 tsp soy sauce
  • oil spray
  • 1 + 1/3 cup cooked sushi rice
  • 1/4 medium avocado, sliced lengthwise into 1/4-inch wide strips
  • 1 baby cucumber, sliced lengthwise into 1/4-inch wide strips
  • 3 sheets sushi seaweed


  1. To make the tamagoyaki, heat a nonstick pan on medium-high and coat with oil spray. While the pan is heating, whisk eggs, mirin and soy sauce in a bowl.
  2. When the pan is hot, pour about one-third of egg mixture and quickly swirl it to coat the pan and form a thin layer. As the egg starts to cook on the bottom side, gently roll it from one side of the pan to the other, with a spatula or chopsticks.
  3. Keep the rolled omelet on one side of the pan, repeat step 2 and roll the omelet back to the other side. Repeat until all the egg mixture is used up. You should end up with a rectangular looking roll. Slice lengthwise into 3 longs strips and set aside to cool.
  4. To make the sushi rolls, place a sheet of seaweed on a bamboo sushi mat, rough side facing up. Place 1/3 of the cooked sushi rice on the lower ¾ of the seaweed sheet, spreading it out as thinly and evenly as possible. Then, lay the filling ingredients (cucumber, avocado, and tamagoyaki) in the middle of the rice, lengthwise. Roll it tightly from the bottom, using the bamboo mat. Move roll to a chopping board to rest, with the seam of the seaweed facing down, for at least 5 minutes before cutting. Repeat with remaining ingredients to form a total of 3 rolls.

    Note: If you do not have a bamboo mat, you can serve these deconstructed, “taco” style, by cutting each sushi seaweed sheet into 4 squares, and placing a bit of rice, tamagoyaki, avocado, cucumber and a dash of soy sauce.

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